Bethany Lutheran Church

A Great Commision Congregation

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010415_Is Your Pride in Overdrive12277.5 KBMP3 Audio1/5/2015 4:55:55 PM
011115_Are You Sure God Really Expects That_19082.0 KBMP3 Audio1/12/2015 2:57:31 PM
011815_CrazyBusy_Where Are Your Priorities_19878.3 KBMP3 Audio1/26/2015 1:11:57 PM
012515_CrazyBusy_ Whose Kid Is That17160.4 KBMP3 Audio1/27/2015 1:46:34 PM
020115_God At Work in Conflict17093.0 KBMP3 Audio2/2/2015 1:07:38 PM
020815_Bringing Dignity to Life11572.2 KBMP3 Audio2/12/2015 1:56:05 PM
021615_God at Work In Conversation23895.9 KBMP3 Audio2/17/2015 11:33:47 AM
021815_Breathe_Attitude15454.6 KBMP3 Audio2/25/2015 2:13:25 PM
022215_Breathe_Abba21888.1 KBMP3 Audio2/25/2015 2:13:52 PM
022515_Breathe_Holy7778.7 KBMP3 Audio3/2/2015 1:16:25 PM
030115_Breathe_Kingdom16336.3 KBMP3 Audio3/2/2015 1:16:17 PM
030415_Breathe_Will10038.3 KBMP3 Audio3/10/2015 6:13:12 PM
030815_Breathe_Bread16951.8 KBMP3 Audio3/10/2015 6:12:59 PM
031115_Breathe_Forgive Us11780.3 KBMP3 Audio3/24/2015 5:31:41 PM
031515_Breathe_Forgive Others18406.9 KBMP3 Audio3/24/2015 5:31:11 PM
031815_Breathe_Tempted10654.6 KBMP3 Audio3/24/2015 5:30:35 PM
032215_Breathe_Evil14182.4 KBMP3 Audio3/24/2015 5:30:51 PM
032515_Breathe_Glory11519.9 KBMP3 Audio4/8/2015 5:18:32 PM
040515_Easter Without Words15744.0 KBMP3 Audio4/8/2015 5:15:14 PM
040515_Rise Up and Admit When You've Been Wrong12880.8 KBMP3 Audio4/16/2015 5:18:13 PM
041915_Resist Returning to your Comfort Zone14857.5 KBMP3 Audio4/20/2015 12:59:09 PM
042415_Follow Your Leader17422.0 KBMP3 Audio4/29/2015 12:50:20 PM
050315_Remain Rooted in Him13811.4 KBMP3 Audio5/6/2015 4:52:34 PM
051015_Love One Another14039.1 KBMP3 Audio5/11/2015 1:50:12 PM
052415_God at Work_In Confusion12575.5 KBMP3 Audio5/26/2015 1:16:56 PM
053115_God at Work_In Crisis12892.2 KBMP3 Audio6/2/2015 11:06:41 AM
061415_God at Work16948.9 KBMP3 Audio6/15/2015 5:52:26 PM
062115_God at Work in Rest19975.9 KBMP3 Audio6/25/2015 12:12:24 PM
062815_My God Is Powerful13555.9 KBMP3 Audio7/1/2015 1:33:42 PM
070515_Enough19697.1 KBMP3 Audio7/13/2015 1:41:03 PM
071215_Sorry_Sort of17068.9 KBMP3 Audio7/13/2015 1:41:23 PM
071915_Wounded Sheep Sunday24866.9 KBMP3 Audio7/27/2015 5:11:09 PM
072615_A Stormy Journey16371.8 KBMP3 Audio8/4/2015 12:19:34 PM
080215_H2OH_Everywhere18459.1 KBMP3 Audio8/4/2015 12:19:54 PM
080915_Walking Through the H2Oh13952.6 KBMP3 Audio8/12/2015 1:52:23 PM
081615_Changing H2Oh Into C2H5OH12261.2 KBMP3 Audio8/20/2015 5:39:44 PM
082315_H2Oh Safety16724.0 KBMP3 Audio8/27/2015 2:42:03 PM
083015_H20h_The River of Life13702.0 KBMP3 Audio9/2/2015 4:34:17 PM
090615_H20h_Where You Least Expect It13009.8 KBMP3 Audio9/10/2015 12:47:37 PM
091315_Generous God_Unrequited Love14454.7 KBMP3 Audio9/21/2015 12:59:58 PM
092015_Generous Life_Unbounded Courage13137.9 KBMP3 Audio9/21/2015 1:00:14 PM
100415_Reformation Generosity12824.9 KBMP3 Audio10/8/2015 4:49:06 PM
101115_ Unfailing Grace-Sola Gratia11512.1 KBMP3 Audio10/19/2015 5:42:16 PM
101815_ Unprecedented Trust-Sola Fide14380.8 KBMP3 Audio10/19/2015 5:42:32 PM
102515_Uncensored Word_Sola Scriptura12094.3 KBMP3 Audio10/29/2015 4:09:29 PM
110115_Unending Gift18264.9 KBMP3 Audio11/6/2015 11:59:09 AM
110815_Jesus_Unlike Any other Prophet13155.9 KBMP3 Audio11/9/2015 1:39:12 PM
111515_Jesus_Unlike Any Other_Priest14873.4 KBMP3 Audio11/19/2015 1:06:46 PM
112215_Jesus Unlike Any Other King10142.4 KBMP3 Audio11/30/2015 2:30:03 PM
112915_AdVenting_When Soon and Very Soon11111.8 KBMP3 Audio11/30/2015 2:30:15 PM
120615_When Faithfulness Equals Painfulness24427.3 KBMP3 Audio12/7/2015 12:38:47 PM
121315_Adventing_ When God Hides It Under a Bushel21147.3 KBMP3 Audio12/21/2015 3:08:23 PM
122015_Adventing_ When Trust Requires Validation14793.4 KBMP3 Audio12/21/2015 3:08:38 PM
122715_ Dress Yourself15884.8 KBMP3 Audio1/4/2016 1:58:02 PM
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