Bethany Lutheran Church

A Great Commision Congregation

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011214_Living with Dying15645.3 KBMP3 Audio1/16/2014 3:34:10 PM
011914_You're All Wet17229.3 KBMP3 Audio1/21/2014 5:10:42 PM
012614_The Fellowship Project16144.0 KBMP3 Audio1/27/2014 1:29:00 PM
020214_Sharing Intentionally26007.3 KBMP3 Audio2/3/2014 1:43:29 PM
020914_Fellowship Project_Serving Passionately21376.3 KBMP3 Audio2/10/2014 4:43:24 PM
021614_Fellowship project_Committed17679.9 KBMP3 Audio2/18/2014 2:02:36 PM
022314_Fellowship Project_Giving Propotionately20026.1 KBMP3 Audio2/25/2014 1:10:18 PM
030214_That Side of the Grave_This Side of the Grave19447.8 KBMP3 Audio3/10/2014 1:06:28 PM
030914_Think Different13625.2 KBMP3 Audio3/10/2014 12:45:03 PM
031614_Always Watching16103.6 KBMP3 Audio3/17/2014 5:49:32 PM
032314_The Rain Maker_ The Reign Maker16559.6 KBMP3 Audio3/24/2014 5:33:31 PM
033014_Anointed19364.8 KBMP3 Audio3/31/2014 1:23:33 PM
040614_Escaping the Inescapable14559.1 KBMP3 Audio4/7/2014 4:28:52 PM
040614_Escaping the Inescapable_114559.1 KBMP3 Audio4/7/2014 4:29:27 PM
042014_Opening Day15543.6 KBMP3 Audio5/20/2014 4:46:17 PM
042714_Open Hearts_ The Tool of Faith18281.6 KBMP3 Audio5/8/2014 2:17:33 PM
050414_Open Eyes_ The Tool of Worship11599.5 KBMP3 Audio5/8/2014 2:17:47 PM
051114_Open Ears_ The Tool of Listening20005.3 KBMP3 Audio5/12/2014 5:25:32 PM
051814_Open Mouths_ The Tool of Prayer11832.2 KBMP3 Audio5/19/2014 4:37:32 PM
052514_Open Hands_ The Tool of Obedience17319.1 KBMP3 Audio5/27/2014 4:57:15 PM
060814_Suspension of Disbelief19036.3 KBMP3 Audio6/9/2014 5:02:06 PM
061514_Ready to Answer16856.3 KBMP3 Audio6/17/2014 12:00:09 PM
062214_Freed from Sin...Slave to God22487.7 KBMP3 Audio6/23/2014 1:37:34 PM
062914_IGO20488.5 KBMP3 Audio6/30/2014 12:48:25 PM
070614_Neither Removed or Improved17181.6 KBMP3 Audio7/7/2014 1:55:02 PM
071314_The Significance of the Insignificant17305.3 KBMP3 Audio7/21/2014 2:41:53 PM
072014_Stop Your Groaning19241.2 KBMP3 Audio7/21/2014 2:42:15 PM
072714_Hyper_Victorious_ Through Him19206.9 KBMP3 Audio8/4/2014 4:39:29 PM
080414_The Dirty Business of Election16310.2 KBMP3 Audio8/4/2014 4:39:49 PM
081014_An Oldie but a Goodie12458.7 KBMP3 Audio8/12/2014 2:18:06 PM
081714_Who Knows22432.6 KBMP3 Audio8/20/2014 12:51:44 PM
082414_Living Sacrifices_In View of Gods Mercy14449.8 KBMP3 Audio8/27/2014 8:42:33 PM
083114_Whose Side Are You15209.3 KBMP3 Audio9/2/2014 2:01:45 PM
090714_The HOLY Cross16196.7 KBMP3 Audio9/9/2014 11:14:51 AM
091414_Incognito_The Christian Calling19471.4 KBMP3 Audio9/15/2014 11:30:48 AM
092114_GodAtWork_In Career and Congregation15642.0 KBMP3 Audio9/22/2014 11:37:37 AM
092814_God at Work In Casa and Community21322.4 KBMP3 Audio9/29/2014 5:33:12 PM
100514_God at Work In Country and Citizenship16851.0 KBMP3 Audio10/6/2014 2:21:48 PM
101214_Forming Spiritually13097.5 KBMP3 Audio10/13/2014 1:43:22 PM
102514_Sharing Intentionally16594.7 KBMP3 Audio10/28/2014 10:28:47 AM
102614_Worship Faithfully_To God Alone18962.4 KBMP3 Audio11/3/2014 1:53:38 PM
110214_Serving Passionately16815.6 KBMP3 Audio11/3/2014 1:53:14 PM
110914_Giving Proportionately15707.3 KBMP3 Audio11/10/2014 4:45:58 PM
112314_King Me15126.9 KBMP3 Audio12/1/2014 2:34:22 PM
112614_In Care and Compassion16467.7 KBMP3 Audio12/4/2014 6:09:53 PM
113014_When Lord, When Will You Do as You Have Done16247.3 KBMP3 Audio12/1/2014 2:34:02 PM
120714_When Lord, When Will Our Expectations Be Satisfied17013.8 KBMP3 Audio12/8/2014 1:19:50 PM
121414_When Shall We Be Finally Delivered16569.0 KBMP3 Audio12/22/2014 1:38:09 PM
122114_When Will We Receive Your Annointing_13851.4 KBMP3 Audio12/22/2014 1:38:26 PM
122814_Have You Seen My God_I Forgot Where I Put Him20684.9 KBMP3 Audio1/5/2015 4:55:24 PM
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