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Formation Groups at Bethany

Thank you for your interest in joining a Formation Group. We are personally blessed to know that you are taking this next step in your faith-life.  As you continue to be formed spiritually, grow in God’s Word and make new friends, we hope your life is transformed and God takes you to the next level of maturity as a Christian.

As you get to know people in your group and spend time thinking about what it means to live out the BETHANY BLUEPRINT, try to put the best construction on your experience and push yourself to go beyond your comfort zone. Be an encouragement to each other and seek out ways to make a difference together.

God bless you and your Formation Group!

In Jesus,

Pastor Kevin
Pastor Seth
Karl Fink

Link: Formation Group Resource Page

What is a Formation Group?

Formation Groups offer a place to form strong friendships, grow in God’s Word and positively impact the world.

Who:     Couples, men’s, women’s, singles, life stage and blended groups.

When:   Groups meet on different nights and days of the week. 

Where:  Usually in homes but also restaurants, coffee shops, church, etc….  

Duration:   Five weeks to start.  Many groups keep meeting and stay together for years.

Size:     Usually a Formation Group has anywhere from 4-14 people.


Why We Have Formation Groups

At  Bethany we strive to live out the Bethany Blueprint:

Worshiping Faithfully - Regularly Gathering Around Word and Sacrament

Forming Spiritually - Continually Developing in Discipleship

             Serving Passionately - Using God-given Gifts in Church & Community

             Giving Proportionately - Returning a First-Fruit Portion of Material Wealth

             Sharing Intentionally - Letting Others Know Their Story and the LORD’s


Formation Groups are part of Forming Spiritually. Spiritual growth happens in the context of community. Formation Groups are focused on developing a strong network of friends that help and challenge us to be­come more like Jesus Christ. Formation groups offer a balance of fellowship, Bible study, prayer, encouragement and mission in an informal environment.


What Makes a Healthy Formation Group?

Essentials of Formation Groups

Five key ingredients should be a part of every Formation Group:

Commitment - This means that you will be committed to this group for five sessions.  A formation group like yours will commit itself to meet at least once a month. 

Confidentiality - Everything shared in this group stays with this group. Gossip and slander are unacceptable. Like Christ we seek the best for each other.

Care - Through this experience your group will grow in love for one another and these will be people you can count on when you need someone. 

Camaraderie - This group has the opportunity to become a fellowship experience as well.  Perhaps when this session concludes you will sit and chat, share a bite to eat or relax with a cold beverage on the patio; that is up to you, every group is different.

Curriculum - For these five sessions this booklet, studying the Biblical foundation of the Bethany Blueprint is your curriculum.  Groups that continue, or those that are formed after these five sessions will use curriculum that is based upon the Word of God. 

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