Bethany Lutheran Church

A Great Commision Congregation

Pastor Seth Moorman

/files/Images/Staff Pictures/Seth 1.jpgPastor Seth has served at Bethany since 2004.  Before coming to Bethany he served as the program director at Arrowhead Lutheran Camp and taught in Lutheran Schools in North Hollywood and Torrance.  He is a graduate of Concordia Seminary St. Louis and studied at the Cross Cultural Ministry Center on the campus of Concordia University, Irvine.  He was ordained in 2008.  He received his undergraduate degree in education from Christ College Irvine in 1992. Pastor Seth’s wife Jill is the director of the Student Success program at Bethany Lutheran School and together they have two daughters.  Pastor Seth loves to cook for a crowd and is happy when the house is full.  The words of Job give him comfort and direction, “I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth.” -Job 19:25

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