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Shape Online Academy Lesson #2

Spiritual Gifts


In this lesson we will take a look at Spiritual Gifts from a Biblical perspective.  What are gifts?  What are the different gifts?  Does everyone have a gift?  Our assignment for this lesson is to take a Spiritual Gifts Inventory.  The inventory will take about an hour do to and should be done in one sitting.  After you have taken it, I would ask for you to jot down your top five gifts according to the test on the assignment page.  There is also a link to Spiritual Gifts Reference Material on the results page that provides a definition of each Spiritual Gift as well as biblical references for each. Feel free to bookmark the site and use it as a reference in your ongoing journey in finding and serving within your God-given SHAPE.


This lesson may take a while to digest so please take your time and let me know if you have any questions.


Before you watch the video, please download and print the following files:

Lesson #2-Handout

Lesson #2- Assignment


Additional Files for this lesson:

Spiritual Gift Inventory- Online Version

Spiritual Gift Inventory- Manual Version

More information about Spiritual Gifts

Video for Lesson #2

SHAPE Online Academy Lesson #2 from Seth Moorman on Vimeo.

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